Agua Bar - Mallorca

“Agua Bar is located in the historic La Lonja section of Palma de Mallorca.  Just steps inside the old city and known as the best Rock & Roll spot in Palma; Agua Bar is a meeting place on the international sailing scene.  They are known as “yachties” these sailors have decided to call Agua Bar their own.  Maybe it’s the aquarium we have as a front window that makes everyone feel at home.


The bar keeps are hardcore New Yorkers that know how to throw a party.  Join in on flip night.  Call the coin toss in the air – get it right and the drink is on us.  Ladies night is every Thursday with ladies drinking free from 7 to 9.


Finally, as seen on YouTube, every Sunday is open mike night.  We setup the keyboard, guitar and amp.  You bring the talent to entertain the room.  Open mike is always a hit with serious musicians from around the world dropping in during their stay in Palma.”